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ASIA NOW Paris Asian Art Fair / Live Performance at SILENCIO, Paris

    Masayuki Kawai will participate in ASIA NOW Paris Asian Art Fair through MORI YU GALLERY in JAPANESE PLATFORM, and will have Video Feedback Live Performance on 16th October at Silencio. 


    ASIA NOW Paris Asian Art Fair



    Venue: 9 Avenue Hoche, Paris, 75008


    Date: OCT 17-21
    Wednesday, October 17: 11am-7pm
    Thursday, October 18: 11am-7pm
    Friday, October 19: 11am-8pm
    Saturday, October 20: 11am-8pm
    Sunday, October 21: 11am-6pm


    Japanese night at the SILENCIO  
    Curated by Emmanuelle de Montgazon and Isabelle Olivier 



    Tuesday 16 October 9pm-2am at SILENCIO

    142, rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris


    An exclusive Japanese night featuring a cutting-edge programme of performances, video screenings, installations, and a live DJ set.


    Due to a limited number of places, registration is necessary for all the VIP events of the JAPANESE PLATFORM programme.



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